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                                                     Its 49 days till spring…..

               Today will be another stay warm day…I need some stuff at the store and a book at the library so that’s where I am heading in a little while…Tonight its out with friends and as it happens every year, I am starting to have the football withdrawals. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl. I have a feeling the Saints will surprise the Colts next week. I’ll let you know.

             I just finished reading Tim Green's “Exact Revenge“. I wish I could find a book like this every week. It’s the story of an innocent guy who goes to prison for killing someone. He’s in prison for 20 years filled with anger and resentment for the people who put him there. One day he gets the opportunity to escape to find his enemies. I’m not going to say tension builder but the process is carefully planed and executed, filled with details from beginning to end….Don’t miss this one….

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