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            Well, I was half right about the games yesterday....I know that I can’t say that because I need to be all right to gloat. So that’s that. I won’t say anything more about those games. Wait, one more thing. Just kidding…The Super Bowl next. What to do, who to pick? I don’t know that yet but I do know we should be in for a treat this year. The Colts and Saints are well coached teams. I’m going to have to think about it….

The day has come to have the stitch removed so its off to the dentist…This has been one of the most annoying weeks in a long time as far as the dentist goes. …Its not painful, its feels like there is a popcorn kernel stuck in there and what ever you do it won’t go away….OK, enough description…Sometimes people tell me some not so nice things and I always think, OK,OK I don’t need a visual….

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