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"Pick Em"

      Today the playoffs are on my list of things to do. Picks, ok, I have my personal favorites but who, you ask? Well, if you put it that way……I would like to see the Jets win in the Joe Namath fashion with a come from behind win in Indianapolis but I’m afraid the Colts have other ideas. Manning is a come from behind quarterback and has much experience in that area. The Jets will fight a valiant battle but will not come home successful. The line, well, I think the Colts will win by 14 plus……

      Vikings, Saints? That’s another story. Two great teams with similar records and smart Quarterbacks. Brees, the Giant beater and Favre, the dependable. Home field does mean something but not that much. Both teams have something to prove. Yes , its true that the Vikings have started a decline in the last games of this season. My opinion and its only an opinion based on experience, is when the job needs to be done that the Vikings will come out on top. They are the a slight favorite but Favre will make one last stand and win this game. I could have went either way on this but its the Saints that started the Giants decline into obscurity. This in my revenge pick of the year…..I hope Mr. Favre and his Vikings give a sound beating to the Saints but It will be a close one ….Vikings will win by that last second touchdown or field goal……… Hey, what do want from me? I only pick em as I see em.

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