L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Short Questions"

          I was having home page problems yesterday and the computer posted twice. Windows 7 is so safety oriented that sometimes it prevents you from cutting and pasting from the word processor or vice-versa. It has to do with home page choice and safety from intruders. I’m just a little aggravated at this dilemma. I fixed it by changing the default settings in 7 to my personal choices. Like at airports Microsoft is protecting us from ourselves by saying its simple but its not…..Computers do not anger me anymore if something goes wrong. Its usually easy to fix if you are willing to work at it….Oh and by the way don’t ask Microsoft for help. A simple 5 word question to 7 will make you give so much personal information that’s its boring and tedious. One of my new little tricks is, if I am having a problem I’ll stop in one of those independent computer repair stores and pick their brain. They are usually very willing to help….just make the questions short. If you do this enough you learn enough and you get to fix this stuff yourself. It usually involves finding a page that you haven’t seen before and a few clicks later its done and you end up talking about it in your blog…....OMG, I’ve got to go now before I’m late for breakfast…….        
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