L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Big Deal"

                                    Its 59 days till spring and I’ll bet I will be riding my bike long before then.

          Today I’m going to my son’s house. I really enjoy the ride there. Although everyone has plenty of money and the economy issues are over in this country. I still stop in a discount grocery store for things I like when I am there.
          I wasn’t going to say anything about this event this morning but Guess what? A Republican took the senatorial job from the Democrats in Massachusetts. Believe me, up there that is a really big deal. The Kennedy’s had it for more than 50 years…..Did you notice that the people went to the polls and physically voted who would get the job. It was the PEOPLE who made the choice. For 50 years the Democrats had control of that state and now they have lost it. That tells me that the people were tired of the Kennedy rule or they are upset at this administration. I have a feeling its a little of both. We will see what happens in the future…..
       Why is it, that the corrupt Illinois ex-governor Rod Blagojevich can just appoint Roland Burris, who actually took the job while being suspected of paying for it,  to go to Washington without a vote. I realize It might have something to do with dieing in office but its not fair. Its like, if you have the cash, you have the job. By the way what’s taking so long for the corruption trial? Will the cell doors ever slam shut on those liars and  thieves? Don’t forget, Jessie Jackson’s son has something to do with this also…. Oh, that’s right, the trial is in Illinois, the state that has the worst track record and the most corrupt officials. We must remember, most are judges and lawyers.  
                                           Click the link to see the “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” List. 

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