L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Point Judith"

           What a nice day yesterday...It did cloud over but I was half way there. There was no point in turning around. All my old haunts were there but all boarded up for the winter….I did go to a few of the beaches I used to hang at….It was chilly but very nice. The ride wasn’t bad and there wasn't too much traffic. There was a moment when tears came to my eyes….I was thinking of us in the car laughing and singing, without a care in the world as we drove along… I mentioned in the past that it wasn’t that far from where I live now. I am going back to see a few of the places I missed next week. This summer will great. I noticed there are a lot of cycling paths and trails….Believe it or not, die hard cyclists were out yesterday….It got me thinking but no, its really cold out there…..Here are some of the gray, cold pictures….Most are self-explanatory but the one of the bridge is one of the bridges to Newport R.I. and we all know what's over there in the summer... 


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