L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
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240The Giants won last night..I thought I would mention that.
It was a good day yesterday and Mom is putting one foot in front of the other. I seen the mystery girl last night, well she isn't a mystery and I should give her a name. I'll have to think about that....On my bike ride last night I stopped at the coffee shop near the airport. My friend was there and we talked about the woman I had an affair with. The one that hurt me so much. The psychopathic lier. The bimbo I will tell you about some day. My friend is my counselor and the woman I talk to when I am really having problems. She happened to be there and we had a nice talk. With me, its making a decision that I sometimes have a problem with. She helps me with that and sometimes other things. Its the pitfalls and consequences that she helps me avoid. She brings to light the things I don't see. When you lead the kind of life I do its important to have someone to talk to and to remind me with out saying it to "Mind my own business". See, if you hang around me long enough you will get to see how complicated it is to be single. I don't mean that the way it sounds I just try to not get into things that hurt other people so I have to be careful with the things I say and do. The bimbo, seduced and manipulated me into things that normally I would have avoided. This twisted lier blinded me with sex and promises that I should have picked up on. This happens to guys more that you know and its one of things that really hurt. My ego and my outlook for the future were tainted and damaged. After I retired from government service I worked for one of the more prestigious  psychiatric institution's in the country and I have seen some very sick people but never one so cunning and hurtful. I stood on the side lines and didn't do anything as I watched her lie to people just to see what would happen. She would then would laugh about it when someone was hurt and that really bothers me. I have had to make amends to certain people and I am still working on that.  I am getting angry now so I will stop...I will have a good day and I hope you do too...

Tags: bimbo, consequences, pitfalls, psychopathic
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