L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
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"Short Sentences"

           Play off games and stay warm. That’s my day….The dentist went well yesterday…no pain, just discomfort.  I just noticed, when I first wake up, I think in short sentences..…Tonight, if the weather isn’t too bad. Like its really cold here. I’ll go hang with some friends…I heard on CNN that the price of gas will be somewhere around 4 dollars a gallon this year. I didn’t know they were building another tall building in Dubai? If the price goes up this country will self-destruct even faster than it is now. So get ready for some really crazy things to happen….Maybe the government will send us a stimulus check. I hope it doesn’t bounce. As Jimmy Durante use to say, Baby, you ain’t seen notten yet” Stay warm guys, if that’s at all possible.    

                                                                     Its 70 days till the first day of Spring.....
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