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"Science Fiction"

          The Giants lost yesterday 44-7. I didn’t watch…..For them, they are either very good or very bad. They lost all their key players the first half of the season…I’m glad its over for them.
       For me its off to the dentist in a little while for part 2 of what I hope isn’t a very painful visit. It can’t be as bad as the first visit….They don’t call it pain, they say, “Are you feeling any discomfort“? No matter what they say it still hurts…
      I got up early this morning  anticipating this event. I don’t like when that happens. OK, I’ll stop whining and go……But first..

      I was thinking. We are so busy protecting ourselves from ourselves that we are forgetting our rights and what’s left of our freedom and dignity. We are watched with cameras in all the stores and on the roads. We are scrutinized, touched, x-rayed, photographed and searched when we travel. If you try to be a private person you become a suspect. Actors and actresses are watched by the paparazzi. We are being watched by law enforcement and security guards. Be careful what you say in public because if you say the wrong word it could be a “Key” word and they just might question you….Like I said yesterday, “We are losing our freedom in inches“. Twenty years ago they made movies about things that happen today…..They were called science fiction....... “Excuse me sir”, please remove your sun glasses when you come into the bank…… OMG          
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