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"Hug a Stranger"

I’m off to have a blood test this morning. Is it get a blood test or have a blood test….Can’t eat or drink anything. I hate when this happens…Yesterday while walking on the beach I met a young woman. She stopped me and asked for information on where we were…It was very cold and it was just her and me and miles of beach and seagulls. We started talking about where we were and she mentioned to me that her husband walked out on her after many years of marriage… I don’t why things like this happen to me…I told her the same thing happened to me years ago and explained that it takes time to get over that kind of trauma after so many years of being together. I explained that one of the first steps of healing process is to learn to like yourself and to take life one day at a time….The end of this conversation led to a hug after I suggested to her that it was fate that we met and that I would pray for her…She made me promise that I would and I did. Her name was Debbie…..Yesterday, I hugged a perfect stranger on the beach. I really like it when that happens...The picture is of last night. Can you tell its really cold..
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