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"Time Part II "

Today, its a fair day here in Niantic Connecticut and I feel great. I got up a little late but the good news is, today I’m not going to complain about anything except …no… I’m kidding. Yesterday I wrote about getting older and I would like to add one more thing. Yes, there are the forgetting things, but most of all, the older you get the more you don’t care about things that happen. I care but its not like I can do anything about it. I discovered that the things that I can’t control or say anything about, I can, not say anything easier. Yet its not easy to separate the issues that are not my problem but I do the best I can. Its easier to just watch rather than get involved. I don’t mean anything in particular but just every day life’s little problems…..By easy, I mean it doesn’t bother me much any more to mind my own business. Don’t get me wrong I just offer less of my opinion and I don’t feel bad saying to myself, its not my problem….Its still very tough to stand back and watch people make mistakes that enable them to learn but now I know what my Dad meant when he said to let them “Learn by their mistakes“. The problem is me feeling bad letting them take the road with all the pit falls.
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