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"Where are You"

I went to walk on the beach last night just before dark and the surf was high, crashing on the rocks near the walking path. It was very exciting. A few times the water splashed up enough to get me wet. I have never seen it like that here. Today I am going back during the day to take some pictures.

Each day I go to my friends page here on Live Journal to read what my wonderful friends are up to…Today I noticed that no one is writing anymore…Its been a few days and I miss my usual friends. What is going on? I had a friend who sends me EM’s with jokes and or pictures. Gone!…I hope he’s OK….I afraid to ask…The feeling I have is not good….

Guys there are many times that I don’t feel like writing but I still put something here to check in. Do it, if not for you do it because at times its a challenge. I do because I don't want to sit here in the morning thinking negative things. If I do I put it here and it works to get rid of it …I just hope that everybody is OK….We are running out of people in this country that care about other people…Guys don’t ever become complacent or dormant enough to stop taking the time to share.
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