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Labor Day..

When I was working this day was a blessing. It was a day to start thinking about winter. The wood pile. gutters, repair glass in the storm windows and check the oil tank. Heating oil was .75 cents a gallon and I would call to have the tank filled. Tolal price $140 dollars. Yesterday the talk was about politics and I have been thinking about that. I seen McCain's running mate Sarah Palin...Don't get me wrong but this woman she is really nice and I like her but she is too good looking and I would have a problem focasing on the issues..You do know I am kidding right? She is hot and to top it off she has five kids. To look like that and have all those kids. Wow. I know nothing about her and I am not a Republican but just that tells me she has lot of energy. I know I am not using the right head to think with so I will stop now. Its a beautiful day in Connecticut and I will be out most of the day so until then. Bye bye.
Tags: heating oil, kidding, kids, northeast, politics, problem, winter
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