L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

The way it was...

               I have been sort of watching this election stuff..Actually there is not much else on..Some of the new shows should be starting this weekend so TV will be more interesting. Its kind of funny now how they try to fit all those commericals into that half hour. I started taping my favorite shows last year so I can zip through them. I have been listening to the candidates talk and make promises. They are not saying much about the influx of people coming to this country. That to me is a sore spot. I got to thinking and remembered I wrote this a few months ago and I thought I would share it again in this format.. 
          Its true. I am glad I am the age that I am. I have heard others say that.. I think I mean I was born years ago when things were sort of new. I remember the clean air and you could drink water out of a brook and smell the spearmint growing near the water.. The silence was unbelievable. You could "Hear a pin drop" as my Mom used to say. Laying in a field of clean grass at night was like being at a planetarium. The milky way and the trillions of stars I will never forget. I could walk to school without fear of being mugged or shot. The neighborhood bully was another thing but my Dad taught me me how to fight and I taught the bully a lesson and he never bothered me again. Its funny no one called the police. We duked it out and it was over. At night I huddled near the radio to listen to The Green Hornet and The Shadow. Life was easy going and lazy. Mom was there when I got home from school and she made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of fresh bread delivered to the door by the Wonder Bread man who lived on a street in the same town we lived. After I went out to the woods to play Army or Cowboys and really believed I was those those things. If I wasn't home at five I would received a lecture from my Dad on how we need to eat all together because it was easier on Mom to do the dishes all at once. I think there were other reasons but I never questioned my Dad. Not out of fear but out of respect. I was always home before or at five on the dot. Flash forward to today..... A black man and a woman running for president. It was unthinkable years ago. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Every other person on the street is a from another country. The anger is at level I have never seen before. There is blood in the streets in all the city's. The news at eleven is murder, rape and animals being mutilated. Its a slow news day when there isn't someone shot in a school or a husband killing his wife and kids and then killing himself. Today, can you take a walk in your neighborhood? When is the last time you walked into gas station or a store and wondered if the cashier could speak English? So, all you people from where ever you are or where ever you came from God bless you! You can have this tired, old worn out country with all the roads, stores, people, pollution and crime. You will never know how it was. I lived the best years here. The time moved slow and there was real happiness not purchased instant gratification. So you can have it to ruin like the ruined country's you all came from. Can I still say that? I don't know. there was a time you could......
                 Well that's it for today I think I will go some place where there are no people...
Tags: dad, format, gas, new.commericals, past, person, shot
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