L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

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"Where to Begin"

       Phone guy fixed my DSL yesterday. It works fine now. Now for me its looking around for a new fabric office chair. Even before that though I need to find a place to have an eye test for new glasses. Of coarse there are the drapes that hold in the heat …Oh, then it’s the dentist to get back on track with that. Oh, and I want all that stuff done yesterday… Today, I think I will take a break and take a walk on the beach. I’m not the only one there. There are the diehards like me. Its cold today here but I’ll bet I see the same people I see every day, which reminds me I’ve got to dig out my mittens and hand warmers. Believe it or not I’m still getting rid of stuff I don’t need. I might do that today too. First things first…I don’t know where to begin?
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