L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


    Its been a long wait and now that its over, its over. Its on to other things…What things, “you say“ ? I don’t know yet but I’m working on it…Willie is still walking around with trepidation but at least he’s almost eating normally. Every once and a while he jumps up in my lap for reassurance and a head nudge but so far everything is as expected. Now that its over I have been getting rid of a lot of things that I forgot I had and things that I don’t use. I have got to rest not only my body but my mind and get familiar with the building and the area again. The ocean is beautiful and I have been going to different areas every day… Today the cable guy is coming to fix the cable. I did it myself but If you want to be honest like I do you need to call the “cable guy“. Sometimes its expensive to be honest. I just don’t want negative things on my mind. I look at it like I’m getting rid of 50 % of the commercials. So far so good here and now I have got to go downsize. The pictures are of the trip down here. Be careful guys, big bother is watching…..

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