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"The Past"

Got a haircut today.. and it started to rain.. welcome to my world.. However I do feel better.. Note - The older you get the more tired you get doing nothing..Had a good day though. I have been putting up Christmas decorations.. Very slowly, I know its not even Thanksgiving but there is something about that cute ceramic tree my Aunt Mary gave me years ago. Speaking of Aunt Mary... Read on and check out Alyona Cover on the bottom...

Holidays have always cause me to think of my past and how fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful family and memories.. For as long as I can remember I have had a dreamy relaxing history and a life of peace and rewards. From all the places I've lived. All the small towns and quiet country settings. The places I have worked and the wonderful friends I've made. I remember being very young and in the beginning my Dad pointing me in the right direction. He has given me a life one could only pray for. I can remember being loved, pampered and taken care of by my Mom. I remember my beautiful Aunt Mary and both of my Grandmothers and my Grandfather and how much I was loved and cared for with hugs and kisses.. From my short pants and suspenders to the Catholic Church and the real beauty and feeling of a Christmas season. I remember Aunt Ann and Uncle Francis, Aunt Grace and Uncle John, Uncle Joe and Aunt Helen, Uncle Louie and Aunt Betty. I was blessed with the most wonderful family ever. I can remember each and every smile and hug and when they greeted me as a little boy. Those memories are loving precious moments and treasures and something I will always have. They become more vivid every day...

We Are The Champions - Queen (Alyona cover)

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