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I got one of those lamps.... Its called a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp.. Very nice and has a calming effect.. Thank you for telling me about that.. The weather is still damp and cold but things are calming down.. All I need is a little sun.. Things are happening, like my car is almost at its end.. I'm at the point of not spending any more money on fixing it.. 200,000 miles.. Remember that trip to Florida from Connecticut.. Fun while it lasted.. I dropped my Cell phone and lost the screen and had to buy another one.. Then of coarse its the Holidays and all my family is gone..I'll never forget the Holidays at my Grandmothers..I have a lot of wonderful memories... I tried to carry on the tradition but it got lost somewhere in time.. Anyways just thought I would share that and that I feel better sharing with my friends on Live Journal...
Tags: himalayan crystal salt lamp
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