L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

" That S--t Storm '

        Barbara had to leave this morning at 6 AM to go to work. That’s a bummer. I felt bad for her. I forgot what its like to work. Wow, I’m getting a lot reminders and nudges about life lately.

     I seen my ex-ex-ex-ex girlfriend the other day and rewrote the death and taxes slogan to say that “The only thing that we are sure of is death, taxes and the lies that will come back to haunt you“ I did'nt say anything to her but I did notice that worried look. Like, "If I don‘t think about it will go away". …Hmmm, I almost can‘t wait for that s--t storm. …..

     I’m going to ride this afternoon if my back is less sore…Last night we played miniature golf and I got beat by 6 strokes……..Stop laughing, I’m letting her win. Yah, right…. I can’t help it if I am having injury problems…Notice how I’m coming up with all these excuses. These apparently are the only thing I’m good at…Well not really. I’m pretty good at other things too. I’m good at smiling, typing, driving and complaining. I’ve only learned lately not to whine too much because no one cares and I realize it could be worse. Hang in there guys. It will get better.

Tags: bummer, ex, golf, hang, s--t storm, sore, strokes, typing
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